XXX (Demo)

by Limelight

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Justin Little
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Justin Little Spirit of true straight edge punk. Fast riffs, catchy lines, and groovy steppage. Favorite track: Limelight.
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Cover photograph: Tony Ekeweme


released October 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Limelight Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Straight Edge

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Track Name: Resolve
Why are you trying so hard to dismiss me?
I know exactly who I am and I know who I want to be,
and with everything I see, my mind fed by society
I've come to the conclusion.
Their way will never be for me.

My heart belongs to me,
I know exactly how it beats.
you keep saying and acting
like its something you can read.
But I know you can't decipher
because you've never held on to a thing.
and while I found my truth
Your lies were only surfacing.

I cling to me.

and with everything that I see
I feed my mind by looking at society
I've come to a conclusion
and I'll hold it for eternity.
Track Name: Years Too Late
Now you got no place to go
It takes seconds to realize but you're years too late
Got no respect from those with egos you decided to felate.
You've been running for so long yet stayed in the same place
Should have decided long ago to set your own pace.

You're too far gone but your not far at all from where you were at the start.
Nothing can change you're gonna die this way,
your epitaph : here lies a man who never had a way or heart

Track Name: Limelight
Limelight Limelight Limelight go
You say yes and I say no.
You have got no self control.
You think you're high you're really low.
You think you're high you're really low.
You have got no self control.
You say yes and I say no.
Limelight limelight limelight go.

You wait eight hours every day for a moment
That you'll swallow in less than a minute.

You live inside of a glass,
A vicious cycle that continues to your last day.

Numbing the pain!

I've got nothing but contempt for your point of view
You can ruin your life. I'm gonna choose not to use.

I'm fed up.